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“We need this,” said Michelle. “Exactly what I needed,” said Vincent. Michelle Ching and Vincent Cobb are two of 65+ entrepreneurs who said they needed Camelback. They are two of over 1,000 founders who have applied to our Fellowship. They are two of thousands of aspiring entrepreneurs of color (EOC) and women – in education and beyond – who are seeking a place like Camelback.

If genius is equally distributed, why is it that people of color and women are saying that they need Camelback to achieve their entrepreneurial aspirations? Part of this is because of the historical and systemic racial wealth gap that exists in America, and another is due to the race and gender “tax” that entrepreneurs of color and women experience while developing their venture.

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For more of our research and our why, consider taking a look the executive summary of our strategic plan.

Our vision is that, in twenty years, Camelback will have contributed to a nation of livable communities where everyone has the opportunity for a quality education and a good life. The way we see ourselves building this future is through our mission as an accelerator that identifies, develops, and promotes early-stage underrepresented entrepreneurs with the aim to increase individual and community education, and generational wealth. We are currently focusing on both intimate and high-level work: 1) working closely with leaders to grow great founders and great ventures, and 2) to positively impact and change the entrepreneurial and funding ecosystem at large.




The Camelback Fellowship

Our flagship program works to support early stage social impact entrepreneurs in three tracks: Education, Conscious Tech, and Local Economies. We provide coaching, capital, connections, community, and curriculum to underrepresented entrepreneurs.


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To go fast, go alone. To go far, go together. In Fall 2017 at Cavallo Point in California, we hosted our inaugural Ecosystem Summit, an invite-only gathering of 100 social impact leaders: entrepreneurs, educators, philanthropists, venture capitalists, journalists, artists, and more, all of whom are people of color or passionate allies. This two-day summit featured panelists with topics such as private giving, the importance of Black philanthropy, and entrepreneurial community.


Capital Collaborative

We believe it takes a village; we aim to improve the overall funding environment, thereby exponentially increasing the opportunities for all entrepreneurs of color and women. Our goal is to encourage investors to take the steps necessary to identify, fund, and support entrepreneurs of color from all walks of life. We will co-create this Fellowship with an advisory council of investors who will help us craft a meaningful for their community. The pilot for this program began in Summer 2019.