Apply to the Camelback Fellowship

The application to the 2017 Fellowship has closed.

Interested in applying for the 2018 Fellowship?
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What to do between now and the application


There are a few targeted ways that you can help your venture evolve before our next application: 1. work on building traction in your community, 2. gather and incorporate user feedback, and 3. begin to build an impactful and balanced team.

We also recommend the following resources:*

Camelback Blog: 5 Tips for a Great Application

CB Insights: The Top 20 Reasons Startups Fail

The Google Ventures 5-Day Design Sprint technique

*Check back here; we'll add more blog posts about the process.



We’re happy to jump on a brief phone call to tell you more about our program and to get to know you and your venture. Get in touch with us at our Contact page.


Our blog is the easiest way to get to get a sense of what we’re about. We feature Fellows in short interviews to share advice and experiences, and our team and Entrepreneurial Engineers write thought pieces on topics that matter to us. You can also look into attending one of our community events (like our showcase in Oakland in August). Find out other ways you can get involved.

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Our application has grown a lot over the last few years and it will continue to evolve. Here are a few elements you can likely expect from our application in 2018:

  • We work with underrepresented entrepreneurs

  • We work with education and social impact ventures (including non-, for-profits, hybrids, and schools)

  • The application will open in Fall 2018

  • The application has three phases:

    • Round 1 is a written short answer form that contains basic questions about your history and your venture

    • Round 2  is a written short answer form that delves deeper into organization details, like team, market fit, and budget

    • Round 3 is a video interview that challenges applicants to think about their personal development and organization impact

  • There will likely be a priority deadline for Round 1 that enables selected applicants to have more time to prepare for Round 2

To get an idea of what last year’s process looked like, check out our one-sheeter.