The Beauty of the Unknown


Guest Blog from Chelsea Banks and Author of The Edge: Purpose Has No Age Limit.

As a rising senior at Spelman College, preparing for my future is always at the top of my mind. Questions like “What is the next phase? How will I correctly position myself? Am I networking to the best of my ability?” constantly run in my mind. Not having all the answers to my questions, I trusted my instinct as I believed that something great would transpire this summer.

As I joined the United Negro College Fund (UNCF) Walton Education Reform Fellowship, I was led to an organization that expanded my mind, stretched my understanding and enhanced my skills. This summer, I had the privilege to work with Camelback Ventures, a non-profit organization that provides capital, coaching and connections to underrepresented social entrepreneurs through a fellowship program. Although, I never obtained work experience in the education sector prior to this summer, the mission of Camelback Ventures resonated with my passion for education. As a first generation college student who has fought to make it to her senior year, I understand the feeling of being underrepresented. 

Camelback Ventures has taught me the essence of trusting the unfamiliar. Not fully knowing what to expect when working with a start-up company, I figured that it was worth a try. During my journey, I have realized that I cannot think higher than the level that I am exposed to. Through various tasks, dialogues, projects and relationship building, I now understand the beauty of the unknown. My mentality has been transformed because I do not see education being limited to a teacher in a classroom anymore. My understanding has been stretched because I now see the vitality and hustle required when building a start-up company. My skills have become sharper due to the lessons a learned about being proactive and detail-oriented.

I am extremely grateful and honored to have had this opportunity. I am most appreciative to the staff on Camelback Ventures; their guidance and wisdom has cultivated me within my career as well as my personal life. No longer does the unseen make me feel apprehensive. Instead, I look forward to beauties of the lessons that are taught along the way. This is not the last of my relationship with Camelback; this is only the start of something new.