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We celebrate the life of and work of Martin Luther King, Jr. The fight for social and economic justice continues today, and we ask you to join us. 

We recently shared our manifesto, Ruthless for Good, and have shared stories of how we see Fellows embodying that message every day. We dare to take the energy, intensity, and ferocity that we see in the news every day being used for unjust ends, and repurpose it for the creation of the "good society." Our ask is this: support us in this mission, with one of three ways:

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With your work

Help us share our manifesto and mission on social media with #ruthlessforgood (got the manifesto up in your office? Take a pic and tag us!), on blog posts, in your newsletters. You can also share the Fellowship opportunity at the same time. 

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With your wealth

As the “friends and family” of our Fellows, we are often some of the earliest support for our entrepreneurs and their work. We know it takes a village, and we ask that you consider joining us in supporting these leaders and their communities.

Camelback is a non-profit, and as such, your investment in community is 100% tax-deductible. Thank you for your interest and support.

make a difference today

With your wisdom

We are seeking our next cohort of social impact entrepreneurs and education innovators. If you know of someone who is a good fit, please let us know. We expect this year to receive over 200 applications -- if you have time to share your perspective, consider volunteering to help us evaluate applications

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The Camelback Fam share how (and why) they're Ruthless for Good