If you’ve read our Strategic Plan, then you know we are passionate about making nationwide change. Our second vertical after education is economic development. We see an important opportunity to impact the world of work. The circumstances of poverty create overwhelming obstacles; hence, the need for the creation of good jobs. We started our pilot with five entrepreneurs in our hometown of New Orleans in August 2018 and worked with them through January 2019. These founders completed a rigorous program, meeting twice a week for several months.

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2018-9 Camelback Fellows


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Aaron Washington


Local Menu Nola | LM Nola is a family-owned restaurant and catering business based in the historic OC Haley neighborhood. We believe in New Orleans, and we believe in our youth. What this means for us is that we focus on local ingredients and products, as well as create opportunities for at-risk youth in New Orleans. We love creating ways for youth explore their creative talents through baking and to help our youth develop their critical thinking skills and entrepreneurial skills so they may succeed in the city of New Orleans as adults.

Aaron | “I would like to be the type of leader thats teaches others in my community about how to live a healthier lifestyle.”

Favorite local business: Picked Nola llc


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anika ofori


nana afia's ART EXPO | nana afia's ART EXPO provides solutions to communities without access to safe water by producing artisanal products. These products offer a triple bottom line benefit to consumers, employees and environment by implementing sustainable values in our corporate social mission.

anika | “What brings me the most joy about what I do is the gift to create products that improve people's quality of life.”

Favorite local business: Mr. Everything on Broad. “Food is great and so is the owner!”


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Kaleb J. Hill

founder & Agriculturalist

Oko Vue Produce Co. | Oko Vue Produce Co is a agricultural company that specializes in the design, installation and maintenance of edible landscapes for individuals and small businesses. It aims to challenge industrial food culture and food insecurity by preserving indigenous foods and promoting sustainable farming practices.

Kaleb | “The fact that I was chosen to be one of the protectors of two our most valuable resources, land and water, is an honor. I enjoy co-creating with the earth and all of the other elements that go into producing healthy plants, the earthy smell of fresh soil and seeing plants emerge from it is one of the most rewarding feelings. I hope to create generational wealth for my family and empower other entrepreneurs who may not have access to this program.”

Favorite local business: Sweet Soul Food


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Melissa Izor


markit360 | At Markit360 we help clients launch successful marketing campaigns through thoughtful strategy, great creative and keen attention to detail. We like long term relationships so we can plan, execute and evaluate, with a constant focus on results and improvement. We specialize in branding, content marketing and public relations, and with an extended team of likeminded professionals, we help clients succeed.

Melissa | “I love helping our clients and my teammates realize their goals. And seeing a great idea come to life through a successful campaign is a lot of fun.Through the Good Jobs Initiative, I want to be a stronger resource and mentor for our team so we can keep growing and helping our community.”

Favorite local business: Cherry Espresso Bar


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Steven Kennedy

FOUNDER & developer

REO | Reo, LLC provides tax credit and redevelopment incentives advisory services for entrepreneurs and small business owners.

Steven | “I love improving communities through rehabilitation of buildings.”

Favorite local business: Headquarters Barbershop, “because its owner engages the community, which is important to me.”