The Good Jobs Initiative is now the Local Economies track in the Camelback Fellowship.

The people of New Orleans deserve GOOD JOBS

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Research from the Data Center shows that there are 274,000 working age adults living in struggling families in New Orleans – i.e. making less than the living wage. Yet, there are only 184,000 ‘good jobs’ - which we define as jobs that are attainable without a four-year degree, and that are full-time with benefits and a living wage. The addition of only 33,200 more good jobs are expected by 2020.  

To combat these challenges, we have begun a new work-stream called the Good Jobs Initiative with the end goal of creating good jobs, likely focusing on (1) three of the industries within the traded clusters that have the highest job growth: Business Services, Transportation and Logistics, and Digital Media; and (2) Hospitality and Tourism. While Hospitality and Tourism has 18,000 ‘bad jobs’, it also has nearly 3,500 good jobs because of the sheer size of the industry. Given the importance of this sector to the city and particularly to our communities of color, the Good Jobs Initiative will support ventures that pull this embedded industry in a more positive direction.

In the future, the Good Jobs Initiative is greater than ‘good jobs’. It is about making it so that the 57% of struggling households led by single mothers have one good job so that she has more time and energy to read to her children, ensuring more of our children start school on grade level. This fosters equity. It is about households having the resources they need so that children are not pressured into selling drugs to support their families - and the concomitant violence. This fosters public safety. It is about families in our city having enough money to invest in their well-being through healthier food, establishing an emergency fund, or enjoying a day at the museum together. This fosters resilience. Camelback Venture believes that education and good jobs are the most powerful catalysts to fortify cities. The Good Jobs Initiative is our next step to tackle all three key components, with equity as the cynosure.

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