The Camelback Fellowship


2019 Camelback Fellow Vanessa Castenada Gill shares her journey in our short film to creating Social Cipher, a video game to help children with autism.

Camelback Ventures began funding EdTech organizations in our first cohort in 2015, and has expanded in recent years to support more sub-types of adventurous, socially conscious technology. We believe that entrepreneurship is the fastest path for societal change, and technology is a tool that can be used to empower that change. We are excited to see tech solutions for not just education, but other social impact areas, such as workforce development, policy and advocacy, and social justice. Being responsible, inclusive, and intentional with technology aligns to our mission and vision to create a nation of livable communities where everyone has the opportunity for a quality education and a good life.

The Camelback Fellowship is a rigorous accelerator for underrepresented entrepreneurs; we provide coaching, capital (up to $40,000), connections, community, and curriculum. Our Conscious Tech track for 2020 will feature all of the lessons and expertise we’ve developed over the past years along with new learnings and projects. Camelback Fellows specializing in Conscious Tech will have additional investor, customer, and partnership opportunities; hone their pitch for a variety of audiences; and learn how to build and manage teams that combine technical and non-technical roles while still being rooted in equity.

Meet a few of our Camelback Fellows in Conscious Tech

Stories of the Conscious Tech experience