Vanessa Luna

ImmSchools | Co-founder | San Antonio, TX and NYC

Nonprofit • Creating supportive, collaborative communities for immigrant families


Our immigrant community must be at the forefront of change in achieving education equity for all students and families. The vision of ImmSchools is to lift the voices of immigrant students and families in order to transform our K-12 education system. Through policy action, professional development, and community efforts, we seek to create inclusive, safe and welcoming schools that allow immigrant students to reach their fullest potential. We will work to close the gap between immigration and education in order to build equitable systems for undocumented students and parents in our public schools.

VANESSA | "As women of color, immigrants and new social entrepreneurs, we are thrilled for this opportunity. We must believe and invest in those directly impacted by inequity, as it is us who must be in the front of the lines of change."

What's new with Vanessa and ImmSchools

  • Remezcla :: May 2018 :: "Op-Ed: Schools Are Legally & Morally Obligated to Protect Undocumented Students, Not Report Them"