Janine Gomez

I Dream Academy DC  | Co-founder | Washington, D.C. 

School • Collaborates with communities to customize learning rooted in children's passions and curiosities


I Dream Academy DC is debunking the biased belief that children in public schools in low-income communities must master basic skills and learn how to behave before they are allowed to think, create, and innovate. Inspired by Google's 20% Time, where employees spend 20% of their work time exploring ideas of interest, IDA DC learners have Dream Time each week to explore their curiosities and passions to spark creativity and engagement in deep learning. We collaborate with communities to customize purposeful, self-directed learning opportunities for children whose brilliance has been historically undervalued.

JANINE | "I was one of those students who excelled in school because I followed procedures and memorized facts to regurgitate them on tests. It wasn't until I left a lucrative career as an engineer to teach fourth grade that I tapped into my passion for learning rooted in exploration and inquiry. I am led to create I Dream Academy DC because I believe true learning happens when we guide children to discover who they are here to be. I want to give young people with limited quality education options the confidence and agency to explore what moves them and to chart their own paths to success." 

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