Damola Ogundipe 

Civic Eagle | Co-founder | Minneapolis

For-profit • Tech for Good - empowering people to follow the issues that matter to them


"Civic engagement is all about, well, being engaged; it’s being aware of what your elected leaders are up to and holding them accountable; it’s going out and voting in the presidential election AND in your local city council race. It’s making sure your voice is heard and advocating for those that don’t have one." Organizations that engage in policy advocacy (from the NAACP, to corporations, to Chambers of Commerce) have low rates of success. Less than 20% of the time, an advocacy campaign actually results in the desired outcome. Our company, Civic Eagle, created a solution that utilizes Artificial Intelligence to help organizations maximize the quality and outcomes of their policy advocacy campaigns.

DAMOLA | ""I feel like T'Challa after he recaptured the throne. Wakanda Forever." 

What's new with Damola and Civic Eagle

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