Byron Arthur

Lyceum Schools | Founder | New Orleans

School • An innovative school for young Black men in the state that traps them in the highest incarceration and unemployment rates

September 28, 2018 - Oakland, California. Camelback Ventures Fellows present at annual showcase. More at - Intro & Outro Music by

Lyceum plans to operate a charter school that will serve the young men of New Orleans. The school will prepare students for college and/or career through a program of challenging academics, social and emotional learning, robust extra-curricular offerings, opportunities for student leadership, and a commitment to community service.

BYRON | "This has been an amazing journey that continues to challenge me as I work with my team to reimagine school. I would hope to share our idea with a group of visionary and committed individuals and in term make a contribution to the realization of their dreams. I am humbled and excited." 

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