Auset Ali

Visions Performing Arts Company | Founder | Denver, CO

School • Arts Creation & Management


Visions Performing Arts Company strives to preserve, maintain, and support the tradition of African and Latino American performing arts through education. Hosting performances, instruction, mentorships, education, and outreach, VPAC will use the stage to bridge gaps and show that there is no difference in the human experience. With a huge amount of support from the community for 13 years VPAC has been an after-school and elective performing arts program dedicated to preserving African and Latino American performing arts through education. Using the arts to empower identity in student performers and provide access to quality training and performances by instructors and mentors who look like them is our foundation. In response to years of community requests, VPAC is beginning the journey to opening its first school that will empower students, upon graduation, to pursue a career in entertainment and/or go to a great college. 

AUSET | "I represent our students, and as a leader, I have been rejected and not given access to quality opportunity to develop to my full potential just like them. Being accepted this far is allowing me to FEEL the same belief I hope to give our students. I know the feeling of denial and the tireless work to survive off of minimum resources to hope for an industry to value your talent and who you are authentically. The application process humbled me to experience what it means to show up in all of who I am, and genuinely be accepted. I brought my students along with me on the application process, allowing them to read my responses and give feedback. This win is not just for me; it's for all of us."