Wisdom Amouzou

The HadaNõu Collective (HackSchool) | Co-Founder | Denver, CO

HadaNõu is a Korean-Ewe phrase that means "to humbly offer a solution." We create centers within schools and, separately, full-time public schools that are authentically co-created with students. At the HadaNõu Collective students learn through solving real community problems, but each center has its tool of choice: (HackSchool) maker technology, (Street Knowledge) student voice and social activism, or (Mundo) the environment and natural resources. In our centers, students develop and lead equity training for educators, they design and install free food pantries around their neighborhoods, they lead community movements through self-empowerment, they are invited to the White House as Obama Kid Science Advisors, and much more. Our high school (Opening Fall 2019) takes this idea to the next level, with a center-based high school model. 

WISDOM | "I am excited for this next step to build community with other entrepreneurs of color. There is nothing more inspiring to me than seeing members of marginalized/oppressed groups think for themselves and courageously pursue their own liberation."

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