Melanie Richardson

TrainingGrounds | Co-Founder | New Orleans, LA

TrainingGrounds is a non-profit organization that provides evidence informed programming with a focus on age appropriate developmental practices. We assist families and professionals throughout the greater New Orleans area with understanding the importance of how rich learning experiences and positive adult-child interactions in the first five years of life contribute to later success and overall child well-being.

MELANIE | "I am very excited that TrainingGrounds has been accepted into the 2017 Camelback Fellowship! TrainingGrounds has grown so much in such a short time and we are looking forward to 2017 to conduct our first pilots, refine our program offerings, and grow the company into a stable fixture in the New Orleans Early Childhood landscape. Camelback will be an amazing support as we continue to build our infrastructure to assist families, educators, and communities in strengthening the foundation on which children can succeed."

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