William Jackson

Village of Wisdom | Founder | Durham, NC

Village of Wisdom (VOW) provides technical assistance and capacity building to parent based organizing groups and other organizations whose primary concern is youth success within communities of color. We’ve created an evidence based genius profile that provides families with a framework for racial equity advocacy that is particularly effective in education conversations. VOW utilizes these capacity building projects to develop community informed knowledge and further validate our genius profile with the goal of dramatically shifting systems to provide more culturally appropriate resources to our country's next generation of leaders.


I applied to Camelback because I knew the fellowship would provide me with a unique opportunity to receive support from a team of individuals who deeply understand my needs as a leader of an organization fighting for racial justice in the education space. Researching previous Camelback fellows, it was clear to me that if I were so lucky to be chosen, that I’d be joining a formidable group of peers and colleagues who share my passion for education. Finally, Camelback has the capacity to facilitate connections with key leaders in the education space, connections that will be critical to our organization’s long-term sustainability.
— William

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