Larry Irvin, Jr. 

Brothers Empowered 2 Teach | Co-Founder | New Orleans, LA

Brothers Empowered to Teach Initiative’s (BE2T) mission is to close the achievement gap for underserved students by inspiring and incentivizing men of color to choose education as a career starting in New Orleans. We recruit men of color—particularly black men to explore careers in education. We utilize a formula that tackles the two key factors that keep black men from such a path. As much as 1/3rd of college-bound black men will drop out by Sophomore year. Of those who go on to graduation, they are not considering the teacher programs that are available because they do not resonate with them and they are too short and insufficient in preparing teachers that are culturally competent and content strong. We have to concurrently attach them to school, the work, and train them to be incredible teachers.


As we continue to work towards solidifying our reputation and credibility in New Orleans, we are concurrently faced with the decision to replicate our model in other cities. Several school districts around the country have become acclimated with the work of BE2T and eagerly relish the opportunity to partner. Nevertheless, as a thriving new start-up BE2T’s market demand has exponentially surpassed the capacity of its current staff. As we look for strategies to effectively scale-up we also are looking to do so in a some what accelerated fashion. The Camelback fellowship is not only a perfect fit, but the the timing of the opportunity is more than befitting.
— larry