Eric Allen | Co-Founder | Washington, D.C. solves the problems applicants have with identifying, connecting with, and gaining admission to best-fit global universities while providing schools with an efficient and cost-effective way to identify, connect, and convert global applicants. The solution is a tools-based social networking platform, (free to applicants),, combining application management, a social network, and a virtual admissions coaching marketplace.'s mission is to level the admissions playing field by ensuring that no applicant applies alone. 


I applied to Camelback ventures primarily because of the unique network. I expect the network of influencers across education, finance and social enterprise to help open doors previously unavailable while the coaches and mentors will provide crucial strategic, commercialization and product guidance. Finally, I look forward to building friendships with like-minded Camelback fellows looking to develop enterprises making real social change in our society.
— Eric

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