Charla Austin-Harris

Learning by Design Lab School | Founder | Los Angeles, CA

Learning by Design Lab School is an innovative STEM-focused charter school (grades K-5) that utilizes personalized and project-based learning strategies within a student-lead environment to ensure a 21st Century learning experience for all students. Technology, community partnerships, parental involvement, and civic responsibility are the forces driving the mission and vision of this educational venture. Blending these components together, we know, will result in an outcome of students that are academically self-directed, technology- literate, socially responsible and globally aware. 

stay tuned for more information - the school is still in development

Upon learning about the mission of Camelback Ventures, the Learning by Design Lab School team knew the Camelback Ventures Fellowship opportunity would be a critical factor in its success. The opportunity to network with past Fellows as well as others in the world of social entrepreneurship, receiving support from experts with designing and streamlining our programmatic message while tapping into other viable capital opportunities falls in direct alignment with our current needs for advancing our venture. We are aware that success is a team effort and thus are open to the wisdom of those that are journeying this path with us. Working with other social entrepreneurs, we know that we can change the world!
— Charla

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