Bryan Lattimore

Supergleu | Co-Founder | New York, NY

Supergleu is a daily conversation app that prompts college students to connect and comment on industry news they care about. The Smartphone Generation is unlike any the world has ever seen — we are more diverse, attached to our phones, we speak in images and consume snackable content. With Supergleu, we believe we can use the power of storytelling and mobile video to inspire and hire the next generation.


I applied to the Camelback Ventures Fellowship for so many reason but here’s the most personal: I was raised by a gifted musician and a Marine turned public high school teacher. As a kid, they taught me the value of the arts and the importance of service to others. Today, part of my purpose and my dream is to create opportunity for others through great design and creative entrepreneurship. So when I applied, my hope was to join a powerful group of like-minded doers focused on positive, social change in our communities.
— Bryan