Blair Pircon

The Graide Network | Founder | Chicago, IL

The Graide Network is developing an online platform that connects middle and high school teachers with on-demand teaching assistants to grade and provide thorough feedback on student work. “Graiders” are highly qualified, vetted undergraduate and graduate education students from top institutions, also known as pre-service teachers, who are seeking clinical development and fieldwork experience. Their support gives teachers more time to focus on the most impactful aspects of teaching. Most importantly, students receive more personalized and actionable feedback faster than ever before.


I applied to the Camelback Fellowship because I believe the program can significantly bolster The Graide Network’s odds of success. Given the early stage of development, many of our strategies are evolving, in testing, or are still unclear. A key factor in developing winning strategies is connecting with the right people—talent, investors, and partners—who can provide guidance, ideas, and actionable feedback. Camelback’s network, resources, and one-on-one strategy coaching will be invaluable in this regard. Further, I look forward to building new connections with a cohort of like-minded, passionate entrepreneurs as we support one another in our pursuits of social impact.
— Blair

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