Andrew Hill

LiftEd | Co-Founder | Oakland, CA

LiftEd makes life easier for special education teachers, therapists, and behavior analysts and accelerates learning outcomes for the ~7M students (preK-12) with learning disabilities. LiftEd is an iPad application that enables educators to measure students' academic & behavioral performance on personalized learning goals, analyze learning trends to make real time adjustment to teaching methods, and ultimately share progress on-demand with school districts & parents. 

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Entrepreneurship is often a lonely and tumultuous path, even more so as a black founder in technology. I know that having a supportive group of like-minded individuals, with a shared scrappy mentality and the sheer grit necessary to pursue an entrepreneurial lifestyle is crucial to achieve success, and make monumental societal impact.

When I learned of Camelback Ventures, several months before applying, I was deeply inspired by the focus on minority entrepreneurs and more importantly on ventures that aim to drive real social change. My co-founder/sister, Joanne, always says that education is ‘heart work,’ a belief that I knew CBV also embodied. I ultimately decided to apply because I knew that CBV was the quintessential opportunity to broaden my personal network of education-focused founders, educators, investors, et. al., and accelerate the growth and impact of my startup, LiftEd.
— Andrew

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