Mirta Desir

Smart Coos | Founder | New Orleans, LA

Smart Coos is a web-based platform where educators and parents can close the language gap. Smart Coos for Schools provides students (PK-12) the opportunity to learn a dual /second language through bilingual instruction and bilingual assessment in the classroom and its unique use of technology to reinforce language learning. And, Smart Coos multilingual text messaging feature provides educators the opportunity to easily communicate with parents of students whose home language is not English.

Smart Coos for Home enables parents to prepare their children for a 21st century classroom and world  where the need to communicate in a foreign language only grows.


Mirta's Perspective

It is a known fact that lack of connections may be the death of a startup and CBV has elegantly stepped in to not only give startups like Smart Coos the opportunity to grow but also to learn and connect from other startups and outside critical connections.
— Mirta

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