Aimée Eubanks Davis

Braven | Founder | Chicago, IL

The Braven Accelerator empowers promising young people on their path to college graduation, meaningful careers and lives of impact. From the Accelerator will come a generation of leaders as diverse as our future demands. We envision an American Dream Team – 100,000 leaders-in-the-making prepared to thrive in high-impact roles after college graduation. Wherever their stories begin, like with athletic talent, we believe young leaders with focus, drive, and talent can enter and thrive in strong jobs post college that allow them to live lives of mobility and impact.


My work at Teach For America made me realize that talent can emerge from all walks of life, but opportunity is often limited to a few based on background. Camelback plays a critical role in ensuring that social entrepreneurs, who come from underrepresented backgrounds, have an opportunity to create thriving initiatives.
— Aimée

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