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Carlos Vera: building equity in opportunity through paid internships

Paid internships means more youth can access experience and opportunity, creating equity and longterm value for our society. Pay Our Interns co-founder Carlos Vera shares his advice for applicants, his org’s recent success (and what’s next), and how the Camelback Fellowship has shaped his journey so far.

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How to know you’re ready to start a school

Our three-part series features interviews with three incredible school founders. In part one, they share their journey, starting with their own childhood experiences that stuck with them to the moment they realized they were ready to start their own school.

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I gave a student his third suspension; what he said next changed my life

Tyler Brewster was the Dean of Discipline for a school in her childhood neighborhood. After 10 years in education, she thought she knew what her role was in education. One day, she met with a student who had already received a few suspensions. The conversation they had changed her life forever. 

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