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Miami-Dade: 4th largest school district, 92% students of color. Why aren't more people talking about it?

"In 2017, I did 1:1s with over 400 people in Miami. Parents, teachers, community members -- everyone is on the same page: we all agree the system here is broken." Yannell Selman reflects on her identity as a Latinx entrepreneur, teacher, and community organizer and her path to the Camelback Fellowship. 

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The system was not made to support students of color. So I made a school that did

Jonathan Johnson began his journey to founding a school when one of his students died tragically in a drug deal. He resolved to create an innovative school that provides pathways to financial freedom. The school opened its doors in August to its first class of 9th-graders, mostly of color. After their first semester, Jonathan shares Rooted's early successes, the most inspiring moment of his career so far, and advice for aspiring school founders. 

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Finding My Tribe

James Kim, 2017 Camelback Fellow, shares his perspective on the first Summit: "It's Day 1 of the Camelback Summit — I marveled at where I was, who I was with, and how I came to be here. What emerged for me was a profound recognition of how immensely varied our journeys have been."

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