This Father's Day



I have been so proud to watch you grow Camelback from an idea to an organization boasting nearly a dozen entrepreneurs, nearly $1M in funding and a growing movement of people who believe that leaders of color hold the solutions that will change our world, not the problems.

Growing a company does not come without sacrifice. When you are away we know it. We know it by Amara’s insistent, “I want to talk to Daddy, right now. I want phone!” We know it too when Langston looks at the empty seat at our dinner table and says, “Daddy is in New York, Amara. He has meetings. Don't be sad. He will come back. And then, our whole family will be here.”

But when you are here, you are here. Your children know it when you are the first one to pick them up when they are sick at school, comfort them in the middle of the night or make a meal for each of our picky eaters. Your wife (me!) knows it when you hold it down in the morning so I can go for my self-titled Bayou Bootcamp or when you support my dreams as vigorously as you support your own. For all that you do for our family and for the future generation of creators, freedom fighters, problem solvers, doers and believers, thank you.

May you always be here. You matter. With love.

- Ify

About the Author: In addition to being the wife and #1 supporter of Aaron Walker (CEO and Founder of Camelback Ventures), Ifeyinwa 'Ify' Offor Walker is a mother to two beautiful children and the founder of Offor Walker Group, a school leadership matchmaking firm committed to finding talented leaders for high-impact organizations across the country.