Announcing the 2015 Camelback Fellows


We are thrilled to announce our 2015 Camelback Fellows! Each application we received demonstrated the tremendous passion and determination entrepreneurs have to make social change.

We received 60 applications from all regions of the United States in a short 2 week period! Given this is our very first year launching the official Camelback Fellowship, we are very encouraged by these numbers. Clearly, the social innovation space is filled with aspiring entrepreneurs from diverse backgrounds -- and our support providing access to capital, connections and coaching is needed. It was challenging to select our fellows from this year's exceptional group of applicants. 

We are honored to have 11 entrepreneurs join the Camelback community and accelerate the amazing work they are doing within the education sector. Our fellows hail from New Orleans, Chicago, Washington, D.C. and New York City. They are making social impact in early language learning, college access, STEM and Human Capital. 

 We're excited to present our 2015 Camelback Fellows listed below: 


Jacob Allen | pilotED

pilotED is an in-the-classroom curriculum for 6th to 8thgrade. We recruit and train exceptional Chicago middle school teachers to implement our intensive curriculum which focuses around racial identity, rigorous academics, and the promotion of self- advocacy. 

Aimee Eubanks Davis |  BeyondZ

Beyond Z is a tech-enabled career accelerator that provides its service to universities so  that they can support their students, especially first generation college students, to excel  at the highest level.

Makeda Ricketts |  PinkThink

PINK THINK is a gaming company that creates academically oriented, interest-powered and peer-supported mobile games that make STEM education powerful, relevant, and engaging for girls.


New Orleans

Mirta Desir |  SmartCoos

SmartCoos is a learning-language platform for children ages 0-8 with the objective to help students learn other languages while their minds are developing the most.

Jonathan Johnson |  Rooted Schools 

Rooted School is a career and technical high school that partners with companies across  a variety of tech-related industries to offer students immersive learning experiences and  that lead to employment post- graduation


New York

Logan Cohen |  Kudzoo 

Küdzoo is an app-based loyalty program that grants students’ access to deals, giveaways, scholarship opportunities, concert tickets and once in a lifetime experiences based on student's grades and achievements.

Jerelyn Rodriguez | The Knowledge House 

The Knowledge House aims to create a pipeline of empowered community leaders from underutilized neighborhoods equipped with the 21st century skills (e.g., entrepreneurship and coding) necessary to launch careers or ventures spurring innovative projects in their communities.

Jessica Santana  |   Brooklyn on Tech

Brooklyn on Tech (BOT) is a STEM education program for high school students in Brooklyn. BOT seeks to develop the interests of students and professionals in the fields of technology by providing them with the resources needed to excel in the techno-centric society they live in today.

Margo Wright  |  Yenko 

Yenko is a social purpose for-profit organization that leverages technology to empower students to improve their efficacy, navigate through challenges, achieve a quality education and prepare for a fulfilling.


Washington, D.C.

Tina Tran Neville  |  Calolo 

Calolo simplifies the college admissions and financial aid process by aggregating admissions requirements with financial aid in a technology-enabled checklist that facilitates easy communication between high school counselors, students, and parents. 

Marcus Noel   |   Heart of Man 

Heart of Man is a social brand, fashion company and STEAM program. Each one of our products is designed in collaboration with young entrepreneurs to bring their dreams to reality. We work with inner-city students with extremely high achievement potential to inspire them to graduate high school and to succeed in life. 10% of our profits seed scholarships for our students.


Your continuous support of Camelback Ventures is invaluable as we provide this fellowship opportunity to social entrepreneurs across the nation. We hope that throughout the nine month fellowship you will have the opportunity to engage with our fellows and share their experience. We look forward to the journey ahead!