2019 Camelback Fellowship Application

Our vision is that, within one generation, we can build a nation where all families can send their children to great schools in livable, prosperous communities. We believe this is possible by diversifying social entrepreneurship, supporting untapped talent with an emphasis on equity to accelerate the evolution of education.

Just by arriving here, it means that you have a dream for your community that you have not yet seen realized -- and you believe that you could be the person to change that. We believe it too. We thank you in advance for sharing your vision with us, and we appreciate all that you have done and will do to make change. 

- the Camelback team


How to apply:

We are using a custom portal (we created a short tutorial video to explain the mechanics of the application). Create an account on our portal, and use it throughout the next few months with us to start, edit, and submit your application. You will get a confirmation email once it is submitted. 

There are two deadlines:

  • Priority | October 26, 2018 at 5pm CST
    Ready to submit sooner? Not only will you get to hear back sooner, you’ll also get access to Round 2 of the application at least a whole month prior to candidates who submit by the regular deadline. || Note: this opportunity may be subject to change if more candidates than anticipated submit early.

  • Regular | November 26, 2018 at 5pm CST
    All applications must be submitted by the deadline; we are unable to provide any exceptions to this rule.

After reviewing resources here and on our Apply page, if you have any questions, please reach out at apply@camelbackventures.org

Same portal, same video as last year.