The Camelback Ventures Manifesto: RUTHLESS FOR GOOD™

A few years ago, before Camelback existed, Aaron was at home with his wife Ify, watching the news. Segment after segment was depressing -- politicians taking advantage of their position, companies ruining environments, communities being routinely broken. He said to Ify, "There are so many people who are so ruthless...what would happen if we took that same energy, that same aggressiveness...and used it for doing something good in the world?" That idea, being ruthless for good, stuck in his head for a while.

Fast forward to 2017. The time for being ruthless for good has never felt more relevant or necessary. In the last year, our country has faced intense sociopolitical turmoil. Our students are not being served. Our communities are not safe. It is time for change. Camelback Ventures presents to you our manifesto, our ideas that we express with urgency and intensity, to create a better world. 



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