Making the A$k: A 3 Step Guide for Pitches

Many for-profit leaders seem unafraid to ask for the money they need to start up; but I continue to see non-profit leaders struggle to make the ask...Because most funders speak finance, it is key that you can not only tell them why your business is important, but explain to them how they can support you in achieving your goals.

resourceMorgan Ripski
Finding My Tribe

James Kim, 2017 Camelback Fellow, shares his perspective on the first Summit: "It's Day 1 of the Camelback Summit — I marveled at where I was, who I was with, and how I came to be here. What emerged for me was a profound recognition of how immensely varied our journeys have been."

Raise a Glass to the Camelback 2017 Fellows

CEO Aaron T. Walker introduces the 2017 Fellows: "Every day we have the opportunity to be co-conspirators with entrepreneurs who are doing the work to 'bend the arc toward justice.' These entrepreneurs are a daily reminder that change is not inevitable, but rather the result of a collective of passionate, tirelessly working individuals."